Repatriation: An update

Through friends in the Kurdish community who have contact with Osman’s family in Iraq, we have been informed that the burial of Osman’s body was carried out on Friday 6th of August, attended by family and friends from the village in which he was born.

The body was first flown to Jordan, held overnight and transferred across the border into Iraq the next day, where it was returned to his family. The funeral ceremony was then conducted immediately afterwards.

His family are of course grieving the loss of a beloved son and brother, but are thankful that they could be reunited with the body in their time of sadness.

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Comment is free: the closure of RMJ

An account from a former employee of RMJ in the Guardian yesterday details the nature of her clients’ cases, the realities of working with asylum seekers within the legal system and the pervasive “culture of disbelief” evidenced by the Home Office.

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Face the Facts on Radio 4

BBC Radio 4’s Face the Facts programme, originally broadcast on Thursday, this week focused on the importance of legal aid for asylum seekers and the problems created by the Government’s restrictive payment practices, and unscrupulous operators in the field.

Corin Faife was interviewed at the beginning of the programme, and you can listen again through BBC iPlayer.

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Dear Friends,

it is with a mixture of joy and sadness that we can announce that yesterday night, our friend Osman’s body was repatriated back to his family in Iraq.

Click here to read the full statement.

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Support from No Borders Nottingham

Refugee-focused activist group No Borders Nottingham have also featured an article about Osman on their blog today.
[direct link to the article here]

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…and more great news.

We have now collected over £2000 towards the cost of repatriation.

This is such great news, and we give our heartfelt thanks to everyone who has donated to the campaign so far. It is our sincere hope that if we continue at this rate, we will be able to raise enough money not only to cover the cost of our friend’s journey home, but to set up a fund to provide other destitute asylum seekers with the resources they desperately need to support themselves through the lengthy process of applying for asylum.

Anyone wanting to get involved in the campaign, whether now or in future, can use the contacts page to get in touch with us.

Again, our thanks.


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A visit from Radio 4

Yesterday, John Waite from Radio 4’s Face the Facts programme visited the house in which Osman lived, and talked to housemates about his story. This was part of a larger investigative piece on the issues surrounding legal aid for asylum seekers.

The programme will air on Thursday at 12.30pm, and will also be available on iPlayer afterwards.

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