As of 4/8/10, the Friends of Osman campaign in conjunction with the Kurdish community raised the money necessary to repatriate our friend’s body to Iraq.
(please see our statement).

However, we are continuing to raise money with the hope of creating a new fund which will help other asylum seekers in Osman’s situation.

If you want to give money but have not done so yet, we urge you to make a donation as all money will go towards helping destitute asylum seekers, in the memory of our friend.

At present we have a dedicated bank account to handle donations. The details are:

Rhizome housing cooperative
sort code –             08-93-00
account number – 14455751
[Update: we have heard that some people are having difficulty making transactions using the name Rhizome housing cooperative – if this is the case, transactions can be made using the above details but with the name E. Milne instead (one of the signatories of the account).]

All donations are hugely appreciated.

If you would like to give money in a different way, we also encourage donations to the many organisations that have helped Osman and others in his position. The Friends of Osman campaign has links with three particular organisations that are doing great work in the Nottingham area:

Nottingham Refugee Forum

Refugee Action Nottingham

Nottingham Arimathea Trust